It is crucial to get to know the status and value of holding exhibitions. The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, also known as the Great Exhibition or the Crystal Palace Exhibition, was an international exhibition which took place in Hyde Park, London, 1851. The Great Exhibition aimed to show that technology was the key to a better future, a belief that proved a motivating force behind the Industrial Revolution. The great exhibition resulted in Expos. Expos are global events dedicated to finding solutions to fundamental challenges facing humanity by offering a journey inside a chosen theme through engaging and immersive activities. Organized and facilitated by governments and bringing together countries and international organizations (Official Participants), these major public events are unrivalled in their ability to gather millions of visitors, create new dynamics and catalyse change in their host cities. What noticeable fact lying in this overview is that exhibition has become a vital subject for nations . By Technical development and the human beings’ strong concentrate on this topic is causing exhibitions holdings over the net which called virtual exhibitions. In the early virtual exhibition in the 1990s, it has experienced rapid development. This development occurs because of the support of technology and information that is gradually being developed. What are being displayed in a virtual exhibition is the results of digitalization scanning through a 2D or 3D rendering process, then combined into a virtual platform that can be accessed by visitors simultaneously . Technically, this virtual exhibition is a duplication of a physical exhibition by photographing the exhibition space and transforming it into 3D digital rendering. In other words, this technique can only be applied by construct a physical exhibition.
Since the first case of Covid-19 detected, various sectors of the creative economy have been affected. The implementation of large-scale social restrictions means that exhibitions cannot be carried out physically. exhibitions could only be held in specific spaces and places, nowadays it can be held and visited by a wider range of people. Certainly The virtual exhibition will achieve a warm welcome by a great many of groups of people.
The virtual exhibition can be designed in various forms by utilizing technology and the internet. A virtual exhibition portrays a way out to present a collection of products that do not depend on time, distance, and space unlike physical exhibitions. through the virtual exhibition people can have the opportunity to understand and learn about the certain products easily compared to a physical exhibition. Through the virtual exhibition, visitors can enjoy exhibitions without the limitations of space and time.
The virtual exhibition cannot replace the presence of a physical exhibition. It can only be an alternative to the form of an exhibition. The existence of large-scale social restrictions has a big impact on many things especially businesses. All these limitations, which encourage people to find alternative ways to keep the exhibition running. Therefor Iran-Italy chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture is also making efforts to expose the worth of this movement and persuade the businesses to be involved in it. This chamber also offers some special features and components for it’s own virtual exhibitions.
The 3D rendered booths of this chamber are grouped in 5 sectors from low to high levels which called base, bronze, silver, gold and utility (platinum). below are the details for each sector:

Base form consists of:
• 8 frames on the internal side of walls of the booth
• One space for brochures, magazines and books
• One screen for website display
• One advertisement stand
• One monitor for advertising teaser broadcasting
• Company Name and Logo set up on the head of entrance
• Color choice option according to organizations colors
• Contact information display which includes: company Address, website, E-mail, phone number and google map address link as well.

Bronze form beside the base form features consists of:
• One wall installation in the middle of the booth
• 8 frames on the middle walls of the booth
• 13 frames on the external side of walls of the booth

Silver form beside the base and bronze forms features consists of:
• 8 stands capacity to introduce products in 3D configurations

Gold form beside the preceding forms features also consists of:
• 37 simple and complex designs in frames, brochures and stands, Mview format.

Utility (platinum) form in addition to the mentioned forms characteristics consists of:
A high quality Booths designing and productions set up with great details and ordered interactions such as:
Attendee ability to consume productions in 3D format.
Coloring commodities and color choice option by attendees
thumb through magazines, books in 3D format
animating objects in the virtual booths (like productions movement, booth keeper speech and so on)