The consulting services provision about business data, legal or financial disputes solutions to Iranian and Italian companies.
Providing updated commercial information for both countries, manufacturers and firms
Linking Iranian and Italian Firms together
Doing Seminars, conferences and holding exhibitions and gatherings with regard to economic circumstances of both countries.
Visa facilitation services for the members of the joint chamber
Arrangement to stay with active factories and manufacturers in order to raise the members awareness and build up new and close correspondence.
Cooperation and facilitation services to members to find proper agencies and have access to information regarding goods and services export and import.
Legal and commercial consult in order to have prompt access to legal banking and other financial institutes services.
planning for commercial hits between Iranian and Italian traders.
Providing suitable conditions for members to attend in Iran and Italy annual exhibitions.
Very new and modern services on digital basis to members to experience virtual exhibitions and introduce goods and services to domestic and foreign customers all around the world.
E-quarterly magazine to provide the latest economic news, data and information to the Iranian and Italian members.
Social media schemes to be linked with the societies and members and supply news, training points, webinar holdings and so on.